Monday, May 21, 2007

The Party is Over

Gawd I had so much fun on my trip. Although some of it was a blur because I drank too much Saturday night, met so many people that I can't remember their names, and ate so much! We cooked out on the balcony of my friends sisters apartment and she had so many people over. Theres always one person at every party who goes too far, ends up drinking too much and barfing. There was one guy who had his friends keep walking him to the bathroom and he would come back out and drink more. I tried not to stand too close to him.. echh. We totally trashed her place, so we spent most of Sunday cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, this van needs help. Looks like nice enough weather that I'll be spending some time this morning wiping it down inside and out. I missed the finale of Desperate Housewives last night so I'm hoping to find the full episode online. I really want to know what happened. Lots to catch up on and get back to real life. And yes, Desperate Housewives is part of my real life!

I also need to do some more brainstorming about money. This job I start Thursday won't pay me enough to get ahead very fast, and I don't want to be in this van all summer. It's gonna get hot. I'm off now, grabbing my trusty wet-wipes and garbage bags. Gotta make my little castle on wheels sparkle.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun. NYC has a tendency of breaking a man (i.e. me) down. And I am assuming you meant either Newbury Street or Faneiul Hall.

Callie Ann said...

Hey Girl, Desperate Housewives finale was actually pretty darn good. Do you watch Brother's and Sister's on right after that??? Well I just found your blog thru Dump blogs. I have been hanging out there for quite sometime. Anywho I will be back checkin on you. So far I love what you write. Callie

Callie Ann said...

Here I am again just looked and read your whole blog. So glad you just started it. Not to be to nosy. But, what state are you in where it's warm right now. I am from Oregon and it's still pretty cold. Anywho see ya tomorrow. I am very interested in this new job your going to start.

Moxy Rocks said...

I'm in Virginia, and I didn't see Brothers and Sisters. I do usually watch bits of it, and saw the part with the dying twins last week??