Friday, May 18, 2007

New York baby!

So whats up with BlogCatalog? They denied me twice, and stopped sending me traffic. I have no nudity, no harsh curse words, so what the fuck chuck? Ok maybe a little, but I really don't swear often.

I went to hang out with one of my girlies this afternoon. She called and told me she heard whats going on with "Foxy Moxy". Thats what one of the DJ's always calls me. So we hung out for a bit, and she tells me she wants to go to New York for the weekend, and since I have nothing planned and don't start my new job until Thursday, I said I'd go! She's paying for gas, and we will be staying at her sisters place. Vacation! So I wont be posting every 3 hours over the weekend, but I may come on to check things out, cause this is like my new home. It's fun to air my laundry here, instead of whining to people I know. You guys can take it can't ya? I'm really looking forward to this, because it gets a little boring in a 6 foot wide metal box.

Anyways, today for some reason I had alot of guys checking me out. I really wanted to ask any of them if they are rich. Probably a bad line when meeting a guy for the first time, but it couldnt hurt to ask. But I just kept my mouth shut except for saying "thanks" when they held the door for me. I think the people at the gym have noticed a few times I go in, shower, and leave. Maybe thats what they were looking at, tring to figure out what my deal is. I'll just tell them my hot water heater blew up and I don't want to take a cold shower at "home".


Anonymous said...

Keep driving up to Boston! I'm rich! Haha...just kidding. Have fun.

Moxy Rocks said...

We are back from our trip but I'm seriously going on more in the future! We had so much fun. Boston sounds great.. I haven't gone to that outdoor shopping place in a few years. Forgot what it's called.

dirk.mancuso said...

What is BlogCatalog? If you got denied, I know they wouldn't even consider me. LOL

Good luck with the new job!

Moxy Rocks said...

I left BlogCatalogs thingy up on my page, I might try and add myself again in a few days. It may have been denied because I'm so new?