Thursday, May 24, 2007

The new job

Sorry I haven't been around the last few days. I have come online but I've been doing alot of research. I've been checking out some money making opportunities but nothing is clicking with me yet. I've also been doing alot of yardwork for my friend for letting me park in her yard, and I also made a few trips out getting some new clothes for the new job. I have been very anal about cleaning the van, because I don't want it to get gross. It can happen very quickly in such a tiny area.

So anyways, started the job this morning and I got a lunch break, sitting in the parking lot eating yet another McD's salad. This is the most boring job ever. I'm afraid to play solitare and get caught, but they leave me at the front desk with nothing to do but answer one phone call an hour. I've had a little paperwork to file but thats it. The girls seem much more relaxed than when I came in for the interview. They were all business like before but this morning they're talking about ladies night out tonight and what they're doing this weekend for Memorial Day. Oh and they told me I get paid for it too LOL. I get my first check a week from tomorrow and I've been budgeting my savings but with a week to go, I hope I make it.

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