Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My new life has begun

My name is Moxy. I'm 20 years old and I live in a van. See I had a nice little apartment but I recently quit my job as a dancer, and my roomate parties all her money away so we ended up moving out. She now lives with another friend of ours, and I live in my van while looking for work that pays decent (since I'm use to making decent money) and something that I can handle. The main reason I quit is because I have been having problems with my right knee, and sometimes the pain is excruciating. So now I'm jobless and homeless. I managed to set aside a decent chunk of money while dancing for the last 2 years, so I have something to get by on.

For now I sit in my van with my laptop and just type out my feelings. So far it's been 2 nights and I can't say it's that bad. I have a gym membership so I have things to keep me busy and a place to shower. Fast food is getting old already. I've got my cell phone, so if my family calls me they wont even know whats up. Besides, my mother doesnt pay a whole lot of attention to what I say. She can fill a half hour conversation up with herself and not have a clue whats happening in my life.

I feel like people know when they see me. I'm sure they don't. Lots of people shower at the gym. Lots of people eat fast food every day. I keep clean and dress nice, so hopefully it wont show. I've spent 2 nights in a Walmart parking lot. I'm hoping I blend in with the rest of the vehicles. I have a curtain that runs across the back of the driver and passenger seats for privacy, and I bought a porta-potty thats not too bad. Got my mp3 player, laptop, cooler, help wanted ads, and a new hobby of blogging to pass the time. I went window shopping this morning, and tonight I will probably go to the club and see some of the girls. I miss work already.

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