Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Life in a parking lot

Here I sit again, in a parking lot. I just had my workout at the gym, took my shower, and now I'm wasting an hour before I head off to the club. The knee isn't bothering me that much right now... I took it easy on the elliptical, some ab work, and some of those machines that work your shoulders and biceps. My knee doesn't seem so bad if Im not crawling on a stage floor!

Well I transferred half my savings account yesterday and it takes 3 days to reach me, so I hope to get it Thursday. Until then I get to stretch my last few dollars. I should have enough gas in the van for 2 more days, and food is cheap. I don't weigh much over 100 so I can get by on 2 small meals a day. The worst part is drinks. I can't keep them cold in this warm weather. I will probably buy a heavy duty cooler when the money comes in. I also need to pay some stray bills from the apartment. I missed rent on the 1st but they will let me pay half the month on Friday. Lucky me, they have a waiting list so they can get someone else in right away. Should have one last electric bill coming too.

Well I'm off for the night, going to visit the girlies :)

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