Thursday, May 17, 2007


So I'm enjoying my wonderful breakfast of crackers, warm grapes and lemonade. Minding my own business in the back of my van. Got my curtains open and a window cracked for some fresh morning air. Still too chilly to open them up all the way. I see my friend let her dogs out to do their thing. Why is it that dogs pee in like 4 different places? And why do they have to sniff the hell out of the spot to find out if it's a good one? What can a dog tell by sniffing something? I'm relaxing and watching my new favorite tv channel "YouTube" and munching a soggy grape, when I smell this horrible gut wrenching fragrance. One of the dogs decided to take a dump not too far from my cracked open window. The breeze must have caught it just right, cause it filled the van in seconds. Lucky me, then I run out quickly and leave the door flung wide open. Now Mr. Doggy has to come see the commotion, and what does he want? My crackers. Guess he is empty now and has room in that gut for more. What does she feed them? Is it a health condition? So I calmly grab one of my last garbage bags, pick it up, and throw it in the trash can. Thank god for Febreeze.

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